August 11, 2016

Copying a Trello Card with Zapier Webhooks

We love Trello! So do some of our customers. One practice we preach is the creation of template cards that contain the right text, documents, and checklists. That way there is consistency when a certain type of process is being tracked. Copying a card is easy within Trello but we want to have it done automatically when a certain action is taken somewhere else. This is where Zapier comes in!

An example template card in Trello

Unfortunately Zapier is limited when it comes to copying a card using Trello triggers and actions. You don’t have the ability to copy attachments and checklists. That’s exactly what we want to do. That means it’s time for a Webhook Zap. Trello has API documentation that tells us, vaguely, how to copy a hard. StackOverflow and some quick testing give us the full picture.

The Zapier Customer Request to create the new card from the Trello template

We use the existing Trello search feature to find the appropriate template card and destination list then do the API call via the Webhook. We now have a way to make a automatically generated Trello card.

A Trello card created by Zapier from another Trello template card

Small changes to the card can also be made based on the specific values from the trigger action, but that’s for another article. Make sure you obtain a key and token from an account that has access to the source and destination. The token should also be configured to not expire. Otherwise, you would have to regenerate it and update the Webhook action each time. As always, protect your access to your Zapier account.