No matter how custom a solution might be, it must be created from existing technologies. When you follow a cooking recipe, you have to acquire the right ingredients before you can even think about putting them together. Creating a custom cloud solution is no different: You have to first find components that are right for your solution. There are many criteria to consider when assessing an available technology’s suitability, such as budget, timeframe, and talent pool. If you find this step daunting, do know that you are hardly alone: Nearly every organization that ever needed a custom solution built has experienced the same. Fortunately, having a research team specialized in the area of your custom solution guide you through this process can get you to the finish line must faster. If you are looking to build a custom cloud solution, we might be able to do just that for you! If you are not set on the technologies to build your custom solution out of, this is where you should start. If you have some technologies in mind, but want a second pair of eyes to confirm they truly are the best options for you, you should start here as well. The technologies you choose during this step will affect the strategy you use to construct your custom solution. So, do take due care in finding, assessing, and selecting them, before you move on to choose the right strategy.
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