March 9, 2015

New player battles for U.S. cloud market share

When it comes to the cloud, everybody can recognize the “usual suspects.” These normally include Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft. BLT’s Casey Benko has been asked by leading authorities to give his critical analysis of rapidly changing cloud technology. In this interview with the nationally known cloud expert David Linthicum, Casey examines the positives and negatives of each cloud provider.

The conversation then turns to a Chinese company called Alibaba. Although huge around the world, both Casey and David Linthicum feel that Alibaba is not a concern for the United States. “It’s very difficult for new entrants — especially the smaller players — to enter this market.” Casey Benko

The interview ends with considerations that cloud providers may want to take into account, such as:

Podcast: 24 minutes
Podcast Host: David Linthicum, Senior Vice President at Cloud Technology Partners