September 14, 2016

Six Reasons to Use Cloud Apps Over Custom Developed Solutions

1 They Are Already Built

Deploying a custom application to the cloud doesn’t make it automatically reliable and scalable. It has to be designed to be that way!

This is obvious, right? However, your custom developed solution isn’t built. You will need to figure out the requirements, design, infrastructure, maintenance, and support.

We suggest you spend time evaluating existing cloud apps to see if they fit your needs. You may find they do or they can if you just adjust what you wanted. Plus, they are definitely going to be cheaper upfront.

2 It’s Probably (Much) Cheaper

Custom developed software can be expensive just from a monetary perspective. Assuming you get what you need, there are further costs to maintain it’s lifespan. When you use cloud apps you get a predictable periodic cost that is often a fraction of the price of a custom solution.

3 They Take Care of Things You Shouldn’t Care About

Zapier is a cloud app that integrates over 500+ cloud apps together. It is accessible from usability and pricing perspectives.

Many organizations do not have staff that is knowledgable in maintaining and supporting IT infrastructure. The companies behind the cloud apps do. And most do it very well.

Also, their business models include providing support through phone, email, and knowledge bases. Furthermore, if the applications are very popular then a google search could return many results of solutions to your problems. That beats paying extra for documentation.

4 They Are Built to Integrate

For example: you could use Trello as your backend for tracking your projects and then create a custom front-end that connect via an API.

The best cloud apps now-a-days are specialized tools. They do a couple things very well and leave the rest to other cloud apps. In order to do that, they provide well defined means to integrate with other systems, usually through APIs. There are even cloud apps that are designed to integrate cloud apps!

5 They Will Allow You to Make a Better Custom Developed Solution in the Future

There are a couple reasons for this.

First, cloud apps allow you to start trying out solutions very quickly. You will learn from this and be able to better understand what you require to be a more efficient organization. This will help greatly when trying to explain what you require to a developers. They will better understand your intentions and the design will better reflect your needs.

Second, they are built to integrate. You can use the cloud apps as a platform to create custom applications! You can also use them to make your custom application better.

6 They Will Get Better Over Time

Cloud apps utilize a subscription pricing model. Not only does this cover the infrastructure and support but it also covers a continuous software development lifecycle. They have to keep improving by adding new features in order to stay competitive. The good cloud apps pay close attention to their customers needs and bring regular improvements.

Did you know you can allow your customers to integrate your custom application with their instances of cloud apps? It allows them to customize their experience with your solution.