Slack bills itself as a much more productive way to communicate. We agree! On a high level, it breaks communication down to channels. These channels keep searchable history and can even integrate with other systems. The result is focused conversation with less clutter and more transparency. Push customer inquiries into a channel or channels. Have staff collaborate on the response. Have management see the progress. Have new employees see the running history to get up to speed quicker. Provide an easy means for employee feedback and requests. Create channels so your staff can request things for the office. Have a FAQ channel on your policies and practices. Allow them to help each other out. Take Slack to the next level by connecting a Bot, Command, or App to your channels. Get notified when invoices are paid in Quickbooks Online. Get a daily update of your opportunities from Salesforce. Have your customer servicing staff immediately get access to relevant customer account information from multiple systems. Use Zapier to make Slack work with your cloud-based systems the way that works best for you and your team.
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