Trello is boards of lists of cards. It’s un-opinionated. It can easily be used as a project tracking/task management tool that resembles a bulletin board full of post-it notes (cards). It gives you a bird’s-eye view of everything that is going on within a project, or with multiple projects at a time. It is well-suited for visually-inclined people who can use the boards as a “to do” list or to show the “flow” of a project and it integrates with a variety of other productivity software. Trello is best used for Small-Medium Business. For a mid-size organization, various departments can use the boards to follow the progress of their projects. For example, the development team can use a Trello board to emulate a Kanban board. You can make boards and organizations private, so that only added members will be able to collaborate on the board or organization. However, Trello allows you add members outside of your organization. They just need to create a free account. This gives you the power to easily share information with vendors or customers. Connect a board to a Slack channel to get a running history of progress on the board updated in real-time
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